[Review] Indus Indian Restaurant

Look I’m a Londoner so any restaurant pretending to serve a good “Ruby Murray (Curry in cockney rhyming slang) gets me alert and wanting to check it out. Indus Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi 26) has been around for a while and tonight was the best chance to check it out.
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Thai Culture and Customer Service

There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the top holiday destinations for travellers. Thailand has some of the worlds best beaches and a melting pot of cultures all living inside Bangkok. Many companies offer trips and flights to visit the various sights and cities, and with this comes the expectation that some might not be as honest as the others.
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Bad Kitty!

I should post this in the “Only happens in Thailand” category as you can’t make this stuff up!.

The Associated Press are reporting that bad Thai police are being made to wear cute Hello Kitty masks and armbands in order to shame them when they have done wrong.

© Yasushi Ukigaya/Kyodo News, via Associated Press
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We Want You!

Have a passion about Bangkok and Thailand in general? Feel like you can show the other side of the city with reviews and stories about daily BKK life?

If so, drop us a comment and join us as a writer.

If Bangkok was like London….

I’m a ex-Londonder, lived in the city for 10 years and still count it as home, so I can comment on how funny any change in weather causes London to fall over.

Friday’s rain seemed to bring the whole place to a standstill. The headlines screamed:
• Rail companies cancel train services
• Floods cause gridlock on the M5
• Police phone lines down
• Drivers forced to abandon cars

Now anyone who has lived through a typical Bangkok monsoon storm knows what real rain is like, yes the streets are flooded with 1ft of water within minutes, but as quickly as it started it all goes away and life goes back to normal.

London on the otherhand seems to struggle with any kind of weather. Leaves cause massive train delays, snow just shuts down the place and a little bit extra rain and we have the end of the world announcements.

Next time it rains like mad in Bangkok, spare a thought for those stuck in London :)

Thailands new net laws now in effect

Taking effect today, a new law allows police officers or government inspectors to seize computers on private premises suspected of containing pornographic material or evidence in connection with either general criminal activities or cyber crimes.

The 2007 Computer-related Crimes Act also prevents unauthorised applications and access made to other people’s computers, as well as alteration, deletion or destruction of the information of others.
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Could it be?

Luddite Central (a.k.a Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT)) might just have got around to unblocking Youtube.com (although currently True is still blocking it, but others are reporting that it’s open).
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All is silent in Bangkok

We are still alive, it’s been raining like mad and not much has happened recently. Today it was announced that a new Thai constitution was drafted, with rumours of possible elections this year!.

In other news, we are always looking for people who want to blog about Bangkok, so if you are interested, drop a comment and i’ll get back to you

Judgement Day – the aftermath and what is next ?

30 May 2007, the day when the tribunal court decided to rule out Democrat from all charges, and found Thai Rak Thai (Taksin’s party) guilty of all charges. It results in the Thai Rak Thai party disbanded and 111 key party members, Taksin included, banned from political activities for 5 years.

What does this mean to the future of Thai democratic and foreign investment?
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High Court Ruling today

One thing you can’t say about BKK, it’s not dullville central :0)

Today the High Court Judges will pass judgement both the Thai Rak Thai and Democratic Party, and this ruling could have serious consequences for the stability of Thailand. His Majesty has already warned the judges last week that the future stability of the country rested on the fairness of their decision.

Obviously this could turn nasty or be as peaceful as the Coup, but BK Metblogs will be there with camera and hopefully be able to update you as the news comes in.

Anyone else planning on being in the area?

Bangkok Pundit has a live feed of what is going on.

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Bangkoks Top Attractions

A recent request for top places to see in BKK got me thinking that we should really do a post on the subject. Whilst the official guide books, such as Lonely Planet and others seem to list the usual haunts, what about the not so famous places that we all love about BKK?
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Watching on the Watchers…

Censorship is bad, no matter who tells you otherwise. The OpenNet Initiative is helping countries determine what is censored for them and how their country is looking from a censorship and surveillance point of view.

So, having issues getting to your favourite site, check out the OpenNet’s URL checker to see if someone had deemed it so bad, that you won’t get to see it,

Current Filtering in place for Political Content
Copyright of image rests with the OpenNet Initiative

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Father Joe, the angel of Slum Klongteuy

Bangkok’s nickname is the city of angel, which seems to be quite ironic name to me anytime I happen to travel pass the infamous slum Klongteuy.

Slum Klongteuy is arguably the largest slum in the city. It is full of any possible society problems you can imagine , although I would say the biggest problem is about the “little one”, child abuse.
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The Youtube case and the censorship cyber bill (extension from Daniel’s previous blog)

ICT has decided to call off the plan to sue YouTube after it received an official letter from Google promise to remove all offended video clips to the Thai monarchy.

Despite many offended clips can still be found on the site, the minister has said to be happy with the apologetic, sincere gesture from Google.

Unfortunately, it seems the scandalous case has led to the build up of the new cyber censorship.

To simplify it, this controversial bill is designed to deal with 2 related issues:
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New Cyber Bill rushed through

Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly approved a controversial law this week which could seriously effect how Thailand’s internet users use the web. The main effect of the bill is to outlaw any attempt at bypassing government censors to access any of the thousands of sites that have been censored due to their moral or political purposes.

This single law could put Thailand in the same category as China and Burma with regards to censorship and the lack of a democratic right for free speech.
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