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Top Underground Transit Systems in the World

Virgin has gone and listed what it feels is the top 11 underground transit systems in the world and for once I don’t agree with them.
The top 5 are:

– London
– Paris
– Moscow
– Madrid
– Tokyo

Now I’m a Londonder at heart and there isn’t any chance in hell the Tube could be considered number 1 and here’s why..

The Business of Thailand

Trying to do business in Thailand is an affair of love & hate, annoyance, understanding and overall confusion as to the way things are done. Couple that with the high-paced bitch world of Fashion and you have a recipe for months of fun and games

Million Baht Meal

Oh come on.. you know you have a spare million lying around to pay for dinner, right?
Seems some people have more money than sense and will spend it on anything to make sure they feel part of the club

Sukhumvit’s other side

Mention Sukhumvit road to most people and they think of Nana Plaza and its den of iniquity, but have many of us actually spent time in the side alleys that run horizontal to Sukhumvit Soi 3?

That fickle day know as Valentines day

Oh don’t you love it when Capitalism tells you when to be romantic?
Yup guessed not, but for those who feel the need to show their love on 1 day of the year, here’s something that may help.

Gay Thailand

After the jump is a piece I wrote for the gay American blog, where another version was also posted. It was for the website’s “Boundaries” issue, and is supposed to highlight what I perceived as an informal-formal divide over GLBT acceptance in Thailand (i.e., there is a very sizable queer population in Thailand that is seemingly accepted, yet there is little demand for discussion of things like gay marriage and nondiscrimination policies).

“For a country with such a large and evident GLBT population, Thailand has virtually no gay rights movement. There is little formal public discussion of homosexuality, despite the fact that it still carries a dangerous stigma…there are no anti-discrimination laws in place, and…a frighteningly high HIV rate of 28%.”

I wrote this as an outsider and it was meant for a foreign publication. I don’t know what actually goes on in the Thai GLBT community; I can only give a view from my observances, research and some friendly interviews. It is lengthy for a blog post, but I’d like to put it out there, both to propel the issue forward and hear what others think and know.

Happy Ho Ho Ho

Happy Christmas!

Here’s hoping you have a good day, no matter what your doing and that 2007 is a great year for Bangkok and Thailand in general

Thailand Creative & Design Centre

Design is not just about style and inspiration. Throughout history, the design process has been conditioned by the social, political, economic, geographical, and religious contexts and factors.

Ho Ho Ho

It’s worrying when 2 weeks after Halloween, you suddenly see the shops putting out their christmas decorations and playing Jingle Bells over the PA system. Maybe the lure of Christmas for me died when I had to start worrying about what to get people, rather than if i’d get that new BMX or Skateboard (the 80’s had so much to give to kids like us!).

With the amount of gadgets being released this holiday period, what’s topping your list of toys to die for?
For me it would have to be the Sony PS3, and I’m silently hoping some shop in MBK gets one in before the big day.

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