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Military vs Thaksin

Well it seems that both won two very important goals today, the exit polls seem to suggest that the Military coup leaders are widely supported by the public AND Thaksin’s Manchester City beat rivals Manchester United.

Referendum Today

Today millions of Thai’s will vote on a military-drafted constitution that will limit the powers of politicians but lead to elections by the end of the year. Whilst there has been numerous reports in the press about the details of the draft, I decided to visit a selection of slums yesterday to see what the people wanted and hoped for Thailand.

Youtube down again?

YouTube access within Thailand is still patchy, even after it was officially unblocked last month.

Access to the site was possible last week on the True network, but since then all access times out.

Anyone else experiencing this? How is access on the other Thai networks?

Well my suspicions are right, it seems that some networks are actually defying the lifting of the ban and banning the site themselves. I’m not sure of the legal aspect of this approach but it sums up that Thailand’s net access is still heavily restricted compared to the rest of the world.

So far the networks stopping you from accessing the site are:

– True

Chris kindly sent this screenshot which shows how TOT are handling their own form of privacy

The text reads ” TOT is blocking access to this site that “offends the hearts” of the people of Thailand.”

The worry here is how ISP’s are acting on their own behalf when it comes to net content.

[Review] Indus Indian Restaurant

Look I’m a Londoner so any restaurant pretending to serve a good “Ruby Murray (Curry in cockney rhyming slang) gets me alert and wanting to check it out. Indus Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi 26) has been around for a while and tonight was the best chance to check it out.

Thai Culture and Customer Service

There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the top holiday destinations for travellers. Thailand has some of the worlds best beaches and a melting pot of cultures all living inside Bangkok. Many companies offer trips and flights to visit the various sights and cities, and with this comes the expectation that some might not be as honest as the others.

Bad Kitty!

I should post this in the “Only happens in Thailand” category as you can’t make this stuff up!.

The Associated Press are reporting that bad Thai police are being made to wear cute Hello Kitty masks and armbands in order to shame them when they have done wrong.

© Yasushi Ukigaya/Kyodo News, via Associated Press

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