Thailands new net laws now in effect

Taking effect today, a new law allows police officers or government inspectors to seize computers on private premises suspected of containing pornographic material or evidence in connection with either general criminal activities or cyber crimes.

The 2007 Computer-related Crimes Act also prevents unauthorised applications and access made to other people’s computers, as well as alteration, deletion or destruction of the information of others.

Whilst this might seem a step in the right direction, as most modern countries have laws to protect users using the web, this one adds a little Thai flare to the whole saga.

Article 9: Those who unlawfully damage, destroy, delete, alter, or modify, wholly or partly, information on other’s computers: subject to three years jail and/or a Bt100,000 fine.

Article 11: Those who send data or electronic mails to others without revealing their identity, or by posing as someone else, in an act that disrupts the others’ normal computer use: subject to a Bt100,000 fine.

Any my personal favourite, only in Thailand…

Article 18: Inspectors are required to minimally access information on targeted computers and, if unable, are required to produce solid evidence to owner of private premises to support their suspicion over illegal activities and then seize the computers, without court warrants. Entry will be only during daytime and only after showing their ID cards.

The key phrase here being “WITHOUT A COURT WARRANT”

I’m sorry but this country has some of the most corrupt policemen in the world. Only last night did i see a anti-corruption advert featuring two scenes where police took bribes.

Oh yes, expect it to be a bumper christmas for the boys in lycra!

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