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A recent request for top places to see in BKK got me thinking that we should really do a post on the subject. Whilst the official guide books, such as Lonely Planet and others seem to list the usual haunts, what about the not so famous places that we all love about BKK?

The idea is simple, if everyone can list their top 5 places to see in Bangkok, I will update this list so that anyone visiting the city can share the experience

Top “Must See” Attractions in Bangkok

Chatuchak Market
– River cruise including floating market
Vertigo for drinks (and possibly dinner if your budget can afford it)
Sukhumvit and Silom for the culture and experience of Bangkok
– Lumpini Park and (hopefully Suan Lum Night Bazaar if it’s still around)

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  1. Kitz (unregistered) on May 24th, 2007 @ 3:52 pm

    1. MK Trendi for dancing waitresses

    2. Siam Paragon for the urban creatures with big puffy hair and fake lips

    3. Silom at night for guys in tight fitting clothes and girls with no clothes

    4. Thonglor and Ekamai for pale cellulite filled thighs and parked sports cars.

    5. Gnarly Kitty’s blog

  2. jack (unregistered) on May 24th, 2007 @ 7:48 pm

    1. J Avenue – Tong lor: This is Bevery hills of Bangkok, where trendy people hang out, celeb ( Thai, I mean) come to sit back for late night party and all that Jazz :-)

    2. Tar charng (mean elephhant Pier): Really hidden that even me having difficulty to explain whetre it is :-) Slighty beyond the grand palace , near Silapakorn university. The place where you will find really cool looking pub, dinner , real vintage stuiffs. Also nightie market for people who love arts… Word of warning: You have to make sure you have taste and style to go there , I mean, real taste and class, not something money can buy ..

    3. Klong tom: Also known as black market. Not because it sells drugs or guns or anything like that , but more to the fact that it has a really big night market that only open on Saturday night.

    Here you can find pirate CDs, movies, antiques , vintage , car accessories , hand made t-shirt, second hand levi501.. … anything cool known to man … :-)

    It is near China town, again, hard to explain, it is sort of near Seur par road , close to Warajak area ..

    4. Old Siam plaza: Place for nostalgic like me, who always want to turn back the clock to see what it was like to be in Bangkok 50 years ago … Old fashion stuffs , vintage, antiques .. even have old fashion Theatre that often play Elvis , Beatles or Soon ta ra pol ( my favorited thai band at all time for me).

    Located near China town, near Raj cha wong.

    Good luck trying to find these places , but hey, what the heck !!!This blog is about places where you cannot find from Local planet guide book :-)


  3. Jack (unregistered) on May 24th, 2007 @ 7:55 pm

    hahah, forgot my number 5 , my apology.

    5. MBK (Mar Boon Krong) Centre. Surprised to see this place missed out of the list so far , perhaps too famous to be in this list ?

    Need no introduction, best shopping centre in town, undisputed really.. voted by many of my local and foreign friends …


  4. jack (unregistered) on May 24th, 2007 @ 7:58 pm

    Sorry again, I meant to say Lonely planet, not local planet .. bugger!!

  5. Alexie (unregistered) on May 25th, 2007 @ 8:58 am

    My top 5 is probably not exactly a place per se. Some of them are really just part of Bangkok charm, spots you can only find in the city of angel here :D

    1.chinatown, all the Soi’s (little streets) that sell the stuff….interesting mix of fruit and vegies…grapes as large as golfballs whereas in australia its the size of marbles !!, chestnuts being cooked on the side of the roads, local thai sweets… very hectic but a must visit…

    2.Lotus super store-need i say more?…I get excited every time I enter… Despite it is actually a franchise from England (Tesco) , it has transformed itself to the Thai version nicely.

    3.Siam square- The entire area of Siam Square, all those Soi opposite Siam centre. The place for latest trend in fashion, shopping heaven really. I could not get by a day without spending time there..

    4. Local 5 baht market – It is sort of Thai version of reject shop or 2 dollars shop in Western culture..

    Usually located underneath a highway bridge on a patch of dry dirty brown piece of land, place where you will see loads of small shops open for variety of things from food and vegies, t-shirt , jeans , food hawkers, grocery …very interesting as the cheapest thing you can buy is at 5 baht (That is why I called it a “5 bath market”)

    5. The coconut stand- Often found everywhere in the street of Bangkok, a must stop every time you get thirsty…where else can you buy something that is that fresh and as cheap as 10 bath that allows you to quench your thirst immediately?
    These coconut stands are basically one of Thailand national treasure really..


  6. sipbkk (unregistered) on May 27th, 2007 @ 6:22 am

    You guys forgot Pantip Plaza for the travelers who need to get their PC/DVD fix :-)



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