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Final hours of Suan Lum

Or should the title be “Power to the people…”

Tonight sees the Court imposed order for all stall-holders to remove their stock and selves from the Suan Lum location and cease trading. The problem is that those traders are standing firm and saying they won’t budge, in what could be the start of a fight between traders and the Crown Property Bureau.© DC 2007

Nice asian vegetarian diner in Bangkok

I am vegetarian, and I am Asian. So, I guess I am bound to look for a couple of nice Asian vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok so I dont get stuck with the same place all the time.

The first to recommend here is a vegetarian Japanese restaurant, in Soi Tong lor, called Chijuya.
Really easy to get there, just catch the monorail from Siam square and get off at Tong lor station, then head to 55th PLaza building, about 10 mins walk from the main road, or a few mins if you fancy the motorbike taxi :-)

You will find the lovely Japanese meal like California roll, sushi, tempura .. bla bla…, complete vegetarian (I think vegan can eat here too).

official address is Chijuya, Fifty-Fifth Plaza Sukhumvit Soi 55, 2nd floor. (I am not going to tell the phone number because I dont want anyone to think that this is one of those ads … )

Another place is a Thai-Chinese vegetarian called Suki Jeh Ru Yi (means Ru Yi vegetarian sukiyaki). It locates itself in a tiny soi opposite the Bangkok Center hotel on Rama 4 road. The soi is next to railway station, called Soi Phraya Singhaseni

Here you will find a really tiny diner hidden in the unseen corner, and loads of lovely foods that you will completely forget it’s vegie food..

If you fancy Thai traditional food done in vegie style, this is the right place. They also do good noodle dish too..

The official address is Ru Yi vegetarian sukiyaki, 285 Soi Phraya Singhaseni Street (at opposite Bangkok centre hotel, north of Rama 4 road, near Hua Lampong railway & MRTA station) .

I’m happy to answer on email of how to get there.

Freedom of speech or freedom to insult

With someone has begun to post the video clip that insult His Majesty the King of Siam months ago, Thai authority has requested Youtube to consider removing the offended materials.

Youtube has ignored the request from Thai authority, claiming that removing the material would contradict the principal of freedom of speech.

That has lead to the decision from Thai authority to block access to youtube from Thai net space.

Looking at the background of the issue as I said above, one would need to ask what exactly is Freedom of speech and when it is no longer Freedom of speech.
(more…) still blocked

I’ve already posted about the Junta’s actions against YouTube and since then Google has removed the offensive video, but the site is still blocked from within Thai net space.

So far all calls by myself to find out an official response have gone unanswered.

Bangkok Food Finder

Ok so we all know that there are some damn fine restaurants in this fair city, but how do you keep track? (besides visiting this blog). Bangkok Food Finder was created Jay Uhdinger with the problem that there exists so many choices, so many places to eat and you start to get tired with most of them and look for a new awesome place to eat.

Bangkok -How the city got its name at the first place ?

First time here and cannot really figure out what’s the best topic to start. Well , there’s no better place to start in Bangkok web blog than talking about how the city got its name at the first place.

MBK Centre Fire

MBK Centre in downtown Bangkok today caught fire at 1:30pm on the 7th floor. The blaze occurred in a Japanese restaurant on the seventh floor of the eight-storey, 2000-shop complex.

Police initially believed the fire resulted from an electrical short circuit.

Shoppers as well as vendors were ordered to exit the building after the blaze was extinguished, but free-standing exhaust fans were installed to blow out smoke from the crowded premises as the complex has no windows for ventilation purposes, police said.

There is no official statement from the police on when the shopping centre will re-open and be given the all clear from the fire department, although doubts over the safety of the ageing buildings safety features are being risen, especially in the way the building was designed without safety in mind.

สงกรานต์ (Songkran) reflections

The Thai New Year (Thai: สงกรานต์ Songkran) is celebrated every year on 13 April to 15 April. The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water. People roam the streets with bowls of water, water guns or even a garden hose, and drench each other and passersby. Songkran falls in the hottest time of the year in Thailand, at the end of the dry season and with this in mind, being drenched by water wasn’t such a bad thing.

Weekend Getaways: Koh Mak

One of the aims of this Thailand trip of mine is to try and visit the top 15 islands this beautiful country has to offer, and we are pretty much on track to do that by the time we leave for good in August.

Koh Mak was the next on the list and it is by far the best we experienced so far.

Censorship in action

The government of Thailand has stopped access to online video-sharing website This ban was implemented when Google refused to remove a video clip from the site that seemed to mock the king of Thailand.

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