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Feel Thirsty ?


On the streets of Bangkok, we can easily drink soda in that sort of glass…
Pretty weird but it’ll still refresh you !

Miam Miam


Ok ! Self-made ice cream is more famous than I was expecting…
And what about this…?

Hot Weather ?


You should try this…
[Who can guess at first sight what is it ?]

Dutch beggar makes 30,000 Baht A Month

You know those farang who sit on the overpasses with signs begging for Baht to help them buy a plane ticket or something? They usually look like backpackers, and honestly they usually make me pretty sick. I guess more and more of them have been popping up lately, and this video is of an interview with one in Gaysorn. He makes 1,000B a day, meaning, 30,000B a month.

The following is a partial, inexact transcript:

Q: You can’t work now?
A: No I stopped work. I had a job for 3 days in the week, 12 hours, only 12,000 Baht a month.
Q: Only 12,000, but you can’t get a teaching job for 25-30,000 Baht a month?
A: I was looking for that but they only gave me 12 hrs.

Q: Ok, no luck. And how much do you get for doing this?
A: About 1,000 Baht a day.
Q: 1,000 Baht a day. So how many hours?
A: Depending, when I wake up probably it starts about 12:00 and usually when I get tired 7:00.
Q: Ok, ok, and about a 1,000 Baht a day, so better money than teaching.

Q: I thought you might get a problem because yeah it’s illegal, begging. But so far they’ve been ok?
A: Yeah.

Q: There’s quite a few farangs that are doing this now. There’s a Canadian guy who works in Sukhumvit as well, he also asks for airport tax money as well around Sukhumvit.
A: I haven’t seen him.
Q: No? May be competition…

Living dangerously


I must say Sukhumvit is one of my favorite places in Bangkok.
I can find flowers, good restaurants, beautiful smiles and even great colors on this street.

But since the beginning of March, it seems to be pretty dangerous to take a walk there.
Just like we had to be James Bond…

AIS Shin State

The Assets Scrutiny Committee finally released charges on the previous Government… though I would think they’d have more on Thaksin than lese majeste. Quite serious enough but, what happen to the shady business practices? The wife got the blunt of those charges… now let’s see how far these charges will actually be carried through…

You can read more about it on the Bangkok Post article here

Anyhow to celebrate DTAC’s (the 2nd largest cellular operator in Thailand) IPO in June… I present a rather funny DTAC commercial… a parody of Bie The Stars – “I Need Somebody”

But still not as great as… AIS’s ระวังหมดอายุ commercial

A question of weight…


Perhaps you noticed how often and easily it is possible to eat in Bangkok but maybe you need to lose a bit of weight ?
Scales outside most of 7-Eleven will try to dissuade you from buying too much food…
So weird but so thaï…

Do you speak english ?


Good to know.

“Lost in The City”


You want to keep a nice souvenir from Bangkok or just being lost in the City ?
You can celebrate the centenary of the birth of Jim Thompson through March 22
Website :

Nota : admission free.

Art Exhibition


From 9 March and during one month, we can see how 4OO Thai artists portray themselves into the little space of The Silom Galleria.
Colorful, inspired and, sometimes, just amazing.

Nota : the Silom Galleria is also known as Number One Gallery.

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