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Is Sly in town?

Let’s face it, if you were a kid of the 80’s you had 2 heros of war; Rambo and Commando. News has just reached me that Rambo himself is in Bangkok filing the last part of the Rambo series, and this just fills a kid of the 80’s with excitement.

Anyone else know details about where/when they are shooting?


Weekend Getaways: Koh Phi Phi

Out of all the Islands off Thailand, Koh Phi Phi was one of the hardest hit when the Tsunami of 2004 hit. Despite the millions of foreign donations raised, it seems that little has actually made it to the places that need it the most. Never less, Phi Phi is being reconstructed but in a mould that is unlike any other of Thailand’s beautiful islands.
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BKK Airport Dilemma

I don’t understand the huge debate going on why BKK shouldn’t have two airports operating?

Air traffic is going to grow beyond Suvarnabhumi’s capacity anyway. Re-opening Don Maung would only help reaffirm BKK’s commitment in becoming aviation hub. You can compare airports to refrigerators. I have 3 refrigerator in my home and there’s only 4 people who live there, but for some reason they’re always full. The Airport will reach its maximum capacity no matter what.

Most large cities in the world have more than one airport. London 2, and the area (Washington D.C.) I’m from has 3.

I’m sure Thai people are intellectually capable of determining which airport they have to go to for their flight.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Here is where I get feedback from all you readers on where the best place to experience Chinese New Year in Bangkok is?

Should I just head down to China Town? Any nuggets of information you think is useful to know?


Million Baht Meal

Oh come on.. you know you have a spare million lying around to pay for dinner, right?
Seems some people have more money than sense and will spend it on anything to make sure they feel part of the club

Sukhumvit’s other side

Mention Sukhumvit road to most people and they think of Nana Plaza and its den of iniquity, but have many of us actually spent time in the side alleys that run horizontal to Sukhumvit Soi 3?

Pandanus Bar/Bistro Review

Even though BKK’s nightlife is going through a serious slump at the moment, the same couldn’t be said for restaurants and Pandanus (50 Soi Nunta, Sathorn 1) has proved that all is healthy in the restaurant market.

Thai vs Singapore – Bloody Soccer

Anyone following news related to Thailand for the past few months are aware of our shaky relationship between the Singaporeans… if not let me sum it up.

There’s Singapore’s Temasek Holding taking over Thai’s telecom AIS scandal, AIS Eavesdropping theory, Former PM Thaksin making a trip to Singapore and given audience to Deputy PM S Jayakumar, CNN’s Thaksin’s interview in Singapore…. and so on.

And the latest of course,

The penalty that wasn’t a penalty in the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Championship match between Singapore and Thailand. With the score 1 – 1, 8 minutes left to play Thailand’s Siriwong was assessed a penalty on Singapore’s Noh Alam Shah in the box. The replays showed very little contact, but it was too late. Singapore was awarded a penalty kick.

Thailand protested the call, refusing to return on the field for 15 minutes. The Thai crowd went ballistic too, and for a second I thought Singapore was about to have a riot on it’s hands. At this point, I received a number of I hate Singapore text messages to confirm my buddies’ view of the city-state.

Eventually, Thai team returned on to the field and Singapore made the penalty kick, giving Singapore a 2-1 advantage and the game.

Also noted, this is Thailand’s first EVER defeat in 30 years against Singapore! Bring out Holigans!

So, the stage is set for 2nd match in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m sure the Thai people will give the Singaporean a warm welcome at Supachalsai stadium. Security is sure to be tight.

I smell a Singapore flag bearing mob coming on.

Anyhow, go support the Thai team and fight the injustice. If anything go to take pictures, and enjoy the rowdy, fiery crowd atmosphere that rarely ever happens in professional Thai sporting event.

I’ll be there with War Paint on, will you? :)

Tickets are 100, 200 and 300 baht and will be on sale at the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) office on Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 9am to 12 noon and 2pm until the match kick-off.

For a recap of the game:

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