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Bombs in Bangkok

Bombs are blowing up all over Bangkok apparently. ITV reports that bombs have already gone off at Klong Toey, Vicotry Monument อนุสาวรีย์ฯ , Sapan Kwai, Payatai , and are being placed in trashcans all over Bangkok. It is 19:30 New Years Eve, so they’re a lot of people running around town. Everybody be careful.

The current suspicion is that these attacks were planned by the same group causing trouble in Southern Thailand, where two Thai teachers were shot, doused with gasoline and burned 100 meters from their school only days ago.

Benjasiri Park

Long for a touch with nature? No need for a long tiring journey to the countryside. Simply get on the BTS to Phrom Pong station. Less than a minute walk you will find yourself in a little green world that is right between the Emporium and the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel.


Benjasiri Park (Queen’s Park) is a refuge from the daily chaos of Bangkok. When you walk in, the green atmosphere refreshes you, and the mild scent of wet grass gently touches your nose. Because everything seems to slow down and moves more at its natural pace, you feel the calmness and enjoy your life a little bit more.

Thailand’s Internet struggling after quake

Seems the recent earthquake that hit Taiwan has managed to disrupt Asian Internet access.
The earthquake managed to dislodge and in some cases, break, the undersea cables which link the continents. 90% of Thai Internet traffic is currently being disrupted and officials are expecting a 2/3 week delay in getting the necessary cables repaired.

Happy Ho Ho Ho

Happy Christmas!

Here’s hoping you have a good day, no matter what your doing and that 2007 is a great year for Bangkok and Thailand in general

Thailand is South Africa’s number one destination

Since it’s snowing in BKK at the moment, or by looking at people wearing ski gear, you’d expect it anyway, I decided to head back home to South Africa for a month of relaxing in the sun. One thing I didn’t expect was seeing how much advertising there is surrounding Thailand and it’s beauty.

The 10 Day Forecast


It was actually 69° F (20.5°C) the other night in the Cock. That’s freakin fantastic. I could enjoy a cold beer at the Central World Beer Garden without ice! Freakin’ amazing. High Five!

But really, I love this time of the year in BKK reminds me of DC Spring weather.

Its outdoor sports kind of weather. BBQ and picnic weather… stroll in the park weather. Not sweating in my underwear kind of weather…

Unfortunately, its the kind of weather where all the outlandish fashion freaks think they live in Alaska or Siberia. The nancy boys are prancing around in their chinchilla fur jackets and the hi-so girls are wearing their ski hoodies with the flappy ear thingies. Even though, it was 85° F (29.4° C) during the day.

However, The mild annoyance is worth the trade-off.

Enjoy the mild weather folks. It r0xrs.

You know you’ve been in Thailand too long when…

At the risk of offending anyone, I’ve compiled a list of “Signs you’ve been in Thailand too long” (“too long” is a bit pessimistic, but I didn’t know how else to say it). I guess it applies mostly to farang. It is a work in progress, so readers should add their own and point out what’s missing!

Here are some of them. For the complete ‘list,’ follow the jump…

You can go for weeks without toilet paper.

It’s perfectly acceptable to drive down the wrong side of the street

You no longer wonder how a civil servant who earns 400 USD per month drives a Mercedes.

Curry is perfectly acceptable breakfast food as long as it has an egg on top.

You decline to wear a motorbike helmet because it’ll mess up your hair

You can rely on the fact that any given night of the week, somewhere there is a model getting free drinks.

Cinemas in Bangkok

Although there are a million things you could do to past your time in Bangkok, going to a movie is still everyone’s all time favorite. To prove how much Thais appreciate movies, we have what is called “Bangkok International Film Festival” every year. Coming back to the main topic today, Bangkok houses a large number of cinemas, ranging from small artsy to huge commercialized ones, scattered around Bangkok. The well known ones are Major Cineplex, EGV (Major Cineplex subsidiary) and SF Cinema. To guarantee the chance of receiving constant revenue, the major cinemas mainly offer foreign blockbusters and local mainstream films. If you’re more into something different, try the smaller cinemas like Lido and House as they have interesting alternative and art films showing. For the 3D fans, you try the IMAX theatres on the very top floor of Siam Paragon, but if you’re looking for a little bit more adventure, you could try a 4D theatre called “Sanyo 4D Xventure” by the Siam Ocean World.

Although the normal ticket prices in Bangkok range around 100 to 140 baht, they depend on the types and the quality of seating that you choose. The prices premium seating such as EGV’s “Gold Class” and Major’s “Emperor” range around 300 to 500 baht. Why? Because you’re paying for the comfortable reclining seats in a smaller theatre. If you’re spoiling yourself at a lower price, you could try the sofa-style seats that some of the cinemas offer.

Because the temperature of the theatres in Bangkok could freeze you to death, do bring light sweaters and avoid wearing short skirts or shorts at all costs. After a series of previews, each theatre will play the Royal Anthum and the audience is expected to stand up to show respect and courtesy to the King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Choosing not to do so, you could immediately become a social outcast, and so the best policy is still the “when in Thailand, do as the Thais do”.

Feeling like going out for a movie? Check movieseer for movies and showtimes.


Reflections is a little pinkish ‘Art Hotel’ with only 30 rooms located in Soi Ari. What’s so interesting about it? Well, each of the 30 rooms has been individually and uniquely designed, from Post-Industrial to Art Deco, by well known Thai and international artists to accommodate and satisfy art lovers.


Hungry? Don’t have to look very far. The Reflections restaurant is just a couple of steps away from the hotel. It serves absolutely delicious Thai and Japanese dishes at rather low prices ranging between 60 to 250 bahts. The hotel also has an outdoor pool and a funky bar for you to chill after the sunset. If you fancy a little tour somewhere, you can check out the tour desk.

To get there, it’s pretty easy. Just hop on the next BTS, get off at the Ari Station, and walk toward the Sapan Kwai Station. You should turn left into Soi Ari (Phaholyothin 7) and walk down a little further. Once you see the extremely bright pink building, just turn left and you’re there! If you’re not quite sure of how to get there or have any question, just call (66) 2-270-3344.

Having visited the place myself last Wednesday, I would just have to say that it’s a place that you should visit at least once. You’ll just fall completely in love with this cute and charming hotel.

Business Practice in Thailand #5382

I went to propose an Energy deal to one of the highest ranking officials in Thailand before the coup.

The project was worth about 4 Billion Baht.

I walked into his office at the Government House.

And the first sentence he said to me was –

“So.tell me about my retirement?”

Ah… the intricacies of doing business here.

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