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Productivity? Psh.


Monday Nite at the Club – and managers wonder why Bangkok office workers are so unproductive.

Below IQ

As I was driving to work this morning, my regular bad-car-singing escapades was interrupted by the 10 am news. Nothing really interesting – same political BS, same crappy issues… but at least one news point caught my attention.

It seems the average Thai kids IQ is below the international average of developed nations. Thai 8-13 kids on average have an IQ of about 88 according to the recent report.

I’m not all that surprised considering the activities and outlets Thai kids have at their disposal…. namely shopping malls, and well… shopping malls…. barely any libraries, barely any organized sports. Its actually really sad… considering the Central Group just bought land around Pleon Chit from the British Embassy to develop another damn shopping complex… I mean seriously how many shopping malls does Bangkok need?

And psh… Thai secondary education? Forget about it… its not about learning – its about memorization.

Anyhow, let me stop my senseless rant.

Ingrained Images

A young female, no older than 18. Typical rich Thai girl look with typical seventeen magazine look, perfect light creamy skin, long firm legs, short hot pants, equipped with cutesy looking headband hops into her brand spanking new red tag BMW Z4.

She backs out of her parking space, drives a few feet and stops next to an raggity street vendor selling meatballs on a stick. She orders 2, or 3 sticks, but the vendor overhears it as a different number. She gets pissy, and gives the vendor a good verbal lashing before she pays for her order. She drives off in a hurry.

A few seconds later, a well dressed older man in his mid 40s walks over and buys a couple sticks of meatballs. He sits down on the curb, and feeds one of the meatball sticks to an infested stray dog with scabs all over it. While saying a few encouraging words to the stray, and finishing off the remaining meatballs himself.

I just stood there obversing the whole series of events and soaked it in. So insignifcant, but yet it sums up so many of my experiences here in Bangkok.

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