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i totally thought there was going to be a crazy traffic jam because of the mob at paragon, and supposedly another one in front of KTB on sukhumvit/ploenchit. am happy to say that the drive down sukhumvit and onto wireless then sathorn was not trafficky at all. during 6pm. on a weekday.

a lot of people i know keep on dropping by to see what’s up with the mob, i’m not interested at all. i keep on hearing horror stories about people driving through the mob areas and getting their cars scratched.

i wonder what the owners of the paragon complex are gonna mark on their voting cards on april 2.

Erawan Shrine – Hammered Down.

One of Bangkok’s famous shrine was destroyed the other day a supposedly a mentally-ill man. The Erawan shrine which stands next to the Hyatt & across Gaysorn plaza, is a famous worshipping site of many Thais as well as Asian tourists of Brahma.

The young Muslim man stood at the base of the statue with a large hammer and smashed the Brahma statue into pieces leaving only the lap & base. Two street sweepers saw the incident and gave the young man swift ass kicking, which went overboard and led to the man’s death.

The reaction, I thought was what I expected. Man destroys religious site, statue, figure angry mob goes insane, over reacts without thought because its all they know. The shrine is not only a worshipping site, it also provides a means for living for quite a few number of vendors and workers who perform and sell incense to the visitors.

Was the death justified? Course not, the street sweepers should face a penalty for manslaughter no doubt. But, 90% of the world isn’t “just”. What I’m more worried about is… this incident may end being some martyr cause and the Muslim’s down south will move their troubles into Bangkok.

That’s the last thing anyone needs.

Up in the Club on Monday?

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my fellow Thai people do not work.

No matter what day I go to a club, bar, lounge – its alway filled by 11PM. How the heck do they get up in the morning? I don’t even think New York City compares.

And, its always packed like sardines.

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