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Bangkok 100 Rock Festival 2006


Anyone who was in Bangkok the last two months would need to be either cooped up in a small apartment building, lower soi of Sukumvit, or blindfolded, to have not heard about 100 Piper’s Bangkok 100 Rock Festival. Even then chances are high of running into an advertisement plastered to the side of the BTS Skytrain, billboards, taxis, flyers, and television adverts throughout January and Febuary. Foreign artists Oasis, Frans Ferdinand, and Placebo were headlining artists which concert promoters hoped would sell quick. At 5,000baht a ticket ($125 us) for both days, however, tickets didn’t go very fast I think. There were slightly cheaper tickets for one-day, nosebleed seats, but still very pricey by Thai standards.

I didn’t get a chance to come the first day, but did show up the second day in the afternoon. I’m not a big Maximo Park, dEUS, or Ian Brown fan, so I mostly just came to see the two Thai sets from Big Ass and Bodyslam, then Placebo: a band I knew a song from (Nothing against those artists, guys, I just had no idea who the second day bands were).

The festival I thought was a bit dissapointing. I know a lot of the people that came were pretty serious fans of these foreign bands, and put out a lot of money to get tickets. The bands seemed worn out and bored waiting to play throughout the day in BKK’s heat. Fans weren’t too far behind. Packed in standing from 2pm until midnight.

I’m not about to complain as I had a lot of fun wandering around with friends. If I had paid more than my months rent to by a pass, on the other hand, I’d be pretty confused as to why there wasn’t much happening all day. Hopefully everyone enjoyed what they got!

Thailand Premier Thaksin Faces His Biggest Protest

Thailand Premier Thaksin Faces His Biggest Protest
Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) — A year after winning Thailand’s most decisive election victory in decades, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra faces increasing dissent, falling popularity and the largest anti-government demonstrations since he came to power.

As many as 100,000 protesters will gather in central Bangkok tomorrow in a rally that prompted the U.S. and British embassies to warn their citizens to stay away from the area.


If you’ve been around Siam Square the last few weeks, you might have noticed in Soi 4 a huge line forming everyday. There’s a brand new bakery that sells fresh “roti” buns. The fresh out of the oven ones reminds me of Krispy Kreme… that warm, melting sensation if your mouth.

While the bun is good, personally I don’t think its worth a 30 min wait. But, Thais have an affinity towards long waits, and the longer the wait the more fantatical they seem to get… then again I’m not much of pastry, sweets kind of guy unless its some kind fruit concoction like smoothies. So, I wouldn’t be the best judge of the buns deliciousnesseses ^_^

So you guys will just have to try it yourselves…

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