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Taskin – LIVE

The Prime Minister steping outside to exercise for a few minutes. Image from

Prime Minister Taskin has been broadcasting a “reality TV show” of his vist to the countries Northeast. The show was being promoted as “un-cut” and a “real look” at the prime minister’s work and has been airing the last few days on UBC.

I don’t have UBC, but it is moments like this I wish I did.

However, contrary to what one might think, watching Mr. Taskin’s special does not offer much in the way of political insight, transparency, laughs, and/or giggles. Most of the 24 hour, un-cut footage is of…well nothing, from the opinions of most of the fellow students and neighbors i’ve asked. All have said the noisy night shots and uninteresting day scenes only show the events leading up to the PM’s arrival, and what his guards enjoy doing to pass time while on duty.

An Update:

A lawyer in the Pathumthani province has filed a criminal charge against the PM, after seeing him riding a motorbike helmetless in the Roi Et province, durring the realtiy TV program.

“Riding a motorbike without wearing a helmet has been a criminal offence (1979) and offenders can be fined, imprisoned or both.”

Meet the PM

Yesturday, the PM staged an event where the public could ask him questions at Paragon Parc (the concrete slab between Siam Discovery & Siam Paragon.) Basically, a community forum, open mic thing, while I didn’t really stay long to listen to his banter and propaganda.

I did stay long enough to be amused by the 20% of the crowd booing, and the PM getting a flustered. His facial expressions are priceless. I think he needs to rework his meet the public campaign.

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