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best thing yet

my goodness! it’s like an early christmas present. best find ever:


finally jimmy choo has a store here. so very, very pleased to find that. siam paragon, i like you already.

time cafe


Originally uploaded by pipsy!.

one of the best kept secrets in bangkok. it’s a japanese run “library shop”. basically they have thousands and thousands of japanese books in the shop, and you go there to read them.

unfortunately, they only offer japanese books, but you can always bring your own. sometimes i bring my own books that i just bought from kinokuniya in emporium and go enjoy the food there.

that’s what’s wonderful about this place, it’s nice and cool inside, it’s quiet (all library rules apply: no loud talking), you’re at peace, and they serve food. all of this smack right in the middle of sukhumvit.

the food is excellent for the price that you pay, i love the katsucurry and coquettes.

i love the big comfy chairs. i was just their yesterday and they’re renovating a section of it, expanding the place.

oh! they also provide internet service too.

it’s located in sukhumvit soi 24 behind emporium and is next to P.o.F.

entrance to the shop


this is in the comic room

delicious coquette!

the new intelligent taxi


Originally uploaded by pipsy!.

passed this while driving around the lardprao area yesterday.

across thepassenger window it says “this car is safe, it has a GPS system installed”

this is one of the new taxis that will serve the new electronic taxi stands that will allow you to call for a taxi by just pressing a button. and supposedly the stand’s suppose to estimate the arrival time and license plate of the taxi that’s answered the request.

i have yet tosee one of these stands, they say that there’s 150 of them, and the first one being in phaholyothin.

suposedly this is to help people get taxis easier and help taxi drivers save fuel by not driving aimlessly to look for patrons.

is calling a cab that hard in bangkok? if you put all things in perspective? sure rush hour would be harder to find an empty cab, but i wonder how much these taxi stands will really help.

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