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halloween in bangkok

growing up in bangkok, didn’t feel that i missed out too much on halloween. at the international school there were lots of american kids, and man oh man, did they know how to celebrate the day. it was all very strategic, there were certain zones you wanted to get into for trick or treating. mainly the us embassy living compounds: they were a couple on sukhumvit soi 39, and some on mahadlek luang by rajdamri. and if you were really playing children’s politics, you’d know who to make friends with in order to get into the US commissary and stock up on candayyy… or what we called “american candy” because there’s a difference. between ruffles, jolly ranchers, starburst.. and say… mun mun, ole, and sugus.

the annual halloween parade held at school was always something fun to look forward to and an opportunity to get your picture in the paper if you had a really kickass costume. imagine 500 elementary school children from all around the world, dressed up in anything from homemade to store bought costumes walking around in a circle for an hour in the sweltering heat to let the parents home video the event and just take pictures. it was so much fun! even the games we played and the lame ass classrooom-conversion-to-spooky houses.

i was in choir too, and we’d always go sing at neilsen hays library on halloween. we’d all get dressed up and sing some sort of showtune and some sordid pop song that was of the moment. i remember it being absolutely horrendous, because this was way before the library had air conditioning and wearing a 6 inch thick jack-o-lantern suit was not. fun. looking back, the people that turned up to watch us were the exact same people who came to our school’s halloween assembly: our parents.

last i heard of the halloween celebration day, was that it was combined with the “sanook fair” (a great fair on its own right) into something highly retarded called hallownuk.

room 25

recall going to room 25 on thonglor soi 25 over a year ago. was initially attracted to the outside space they had, lots of comfy chairs and sofa-like seating. haven’t been back in a while, mostly because parking there sucks, but am however looking forward to go to the halloween night (or pre-halloween) partayyyy there.

halloween night with be more with benmore @ room 25 : friday 28 october 2005 : 9:00 pm onwards.

The Russian Connection

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Bangkok, you’ve surely heard the news that Thai Airways will begin flying to Russia on November 1st. It’s quite exciting considering the main (only?) airline that flew that route previously was the horrendously bad, voted worst airline in the world, Aeroflot. I’ve never flown with them, but to get the title of worst airline there’s got to be something wrong.

Anyway, There’s a show kind of thing happening in Central Tower called Passage to Russia that talks about the long history between Thailand and Russia, which apparently goes back about 200 years, that I’m going to try to drop by and take a gander at so I’ll let you all know if it’s interesting. I hope the display is on the ground floor though, because I’ve heard about the lifts there.

album launch

dropped by noriega’s on friday night. painfully sat through a band called krung thep marathon, enjoyed lucy suicide, and was there specifically to watch brand new sunset. who are always amazing with their incredible energy. and pretty much walked out when salad were playing.

brand new sunset are playing again tomorrow, oct 26, wednesday at Spoon (G/Fl U Chia LIang Building, Rama 4) from 6.30pm onwards. it’s actually brand new sunset’s new album “realistice” launch. the eastbound downer boys will also be playing. looking forward to see familiar faces there tomorrow night. 100 baht entrance or free with cd purchase.



The Bicycle Track

My home country is a big fan of bicycle tracks so I was a little excited to see that a new one has appeared near my office, but I’m stumped as to why they would put it where they did. The part of the track I saw was a painted-on track taking up the whole sidewalk at the intersection at Surawong and Narathiwat roads and heading by the ITF building.

I can see the benefits of a bicycle track, but when they would force pedestrians onto the street I scratch my head and wonder what they might have been thinking.

cooking schools

one of my favourite things to do on the weekends is to take cooking classes at one of the many courses offered around town. there’s the standard blue elephant cooking school (eh. so so) and the oriental hotel (short courses with visiting celebrity chefs are excellent)

i’m happy to learn that the le cordon bleu is planning to open another internatinal branch right here in bangkok in collaboration with the dusit thani group. i took a few patisserie courses with them in london, and it was great fun. le cordon bleu bangkok is expected to be open sometime in 2006, will be ofering short courses ranging from patisserie to cusine. diploma courses are also available – in conjunction with the duist thani college.

another noteable cooking class being offered is at the marriot riverside: mandara academy of spa cuisine. quite interesting actually, it’s different from cooking classes offered at “other hotels”. a lot of attention is paid to the nutritional value of the ingredients used in preparing the dishes. it’s a one day course, but nonetheless fun. B6,000 for class and one hour spa treatment and B5,000 for class only.

3rd World Film Festival

This Saturday the 3rd world film festival gets started and since a couple of people were asking about ticketing and such, I tried calling them to ask. Sadly the woman on the other end of the phone couldn’t speak english but if you’re Thai, the number (from their website) is 02-317-0042 or 02-325-5555.

I can’t confirm if Roman Polanski will actually be there or if they will only be showing Oliver Twist – in fact, I can’t even confirm that Oliver Twist will be showing. Despite previous news that it would open the film festival (they’d said Roman Polanski would open it with Oliver Twist), the film isn’t showing anywhere on the schedule they’ve got on their site.

If anyone manages to get information from that phone number let me know and I’ll add it here.

NOTE: Just to clarify, it’s not a film festival in a third world country, but the 3rd ‘World Film Festival’.

Hotwave Concert

Hotwave Music Fest will be happening on the 16th! Many groups from GMM Grammy will be there. Including:


Body slam
AB Normal
กอล์ฟ – ไมค์
( มะลิ , Chocolatekit, Hum, Link Corner, NARA)
P 2 Warship
So Cool
นภ พรชำนิ
M The Star
Scrubb ฟลัว
Buzz Music
First Stage 2
Luck Music
( ท็อฟฟี่ / เชอรร์รี่ / ลูกปัด / แอน ธิติมา )
ไอซ์ ศรัณยู
เบญ ชลาทิศ
NJ Togetther
Super baker

Note: For those of you who can’t read Thai, I didn’t notice the map dn’t have English. The big road on the top of the map is Sukumvit.The other road with LARGE labeling is Pra Ram 4. :)

We (heart) Thaksin

That’s right, it’s time to spread the love for Thaksin around. Tell all of your friends and anyone else you might come across about his wonderful work and brilliant business ideas (if you can think of any).

Seriously though, Thaksin is suing so many people right now that I’ve lost count. It feels as if every day he’s suing someone new, and it’s not that they’re saying anything everyone else doesn’t know already – that he has a conflict of interest and during his term has served his own business purposes. Luckily, he only seems to be suing people who can afford it, so I’m safe.

Doesn’t he have anything better to do than to than stifling freedom of speech?

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