Your Friendly Noodle Shop

In a soi (street) behind the building I live in there are many food shops and stalls that my other half and I eat at regularly, one of them being a noodle shop that is a personal favourite (I can’t recall the name). We ate there last night and upon arriving the staff asked where I’d been (I hadn’t eaten there for a month or so) because they’d noticed I hadn’t been coming there.

When I sat down one of the staff wrote something in Thai and gave it to me and explained (not to me) that I should try to copy what she wrote. I didn’t know if refusing would mean a refusal of service so I tried, only to have my other half comment on how my writing looks like a childs, which is actually pretty good in my books.

I don’t know if I am getting special treatment from the staff, who always give me free refills of the red coloured drink I have, but I haven’t noticed them being this way to any other customers.

Anyway, the food’s really good and I even saw it on television once, so it must be popular. Funnily enough, my favourite dish there is fried chicken with rice and some special seasoning thing they do, no noodles involved.

If my camera was working, I’d take a pic and post it… stupid Canon…

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