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friday 13 weekend

i’ve managed to go through the whole day without anybody mentioning that it was friday the 13th.

anyway, party tonight.

remedy hip hop party, free valet parking, at PoF (behind emporium, ex-imageries).

click the pic for a bigger one.

all you can drink.

from rollcall:

may 13 fri DJ Mokoto & MC Deeizm (Japan) at Bed Supperclub; 20+, B600 (inc;/drink), 10pm

may 14 sat 6 Cylinder Engine, Two Weeks Later, A Perfect Liar, E-Dom, Bomb Head Mania, Late, Lorlelie, Away From This Day, Arventhrust, Jealous at Pure Bar, Ratchada Soi 4; 18+, B90, noon

may 21 sat Snow Effect (Japan) at Bed Supperclub; 20+, B600 (incl/drink), 10pm

Ploughing Day, how come it’s a holiday?

As I was doing some research for work, my Japanese boss walked over to my desk with a table calendar in his hand. He was asking what holiday it is on Wednesday (11 May) as he realized that we have so many days of holidays this month … no one had any breaklast week though, half of us were in Chiangmai and the other half were in Phi Phi. And the whole office were on called all weekend as well. Anyway, I said to him that it’s a Ploughing day, actually it’s royal ploughing day

He probably never heard of it before, so after a long explanation in English, I had to do another translation in my broken Japanese…So 20 minutes of serious discussion he finally said..
“Why it’s a holiday?”

Well.. I don’t want go into details of the history of the ploughing day so I simply said, “Well, it is just a ceremony that symbolized the start of the sowing period, and because the King also involved in the ceremony, it’s believed to bring farmers good harvests”

He nodded simultaniously and went uuh and ahh.. as if he understood what I said, then went quiet for a while before saying

“But how come it’s a holiday?” he was really curious

That’s what I also don’t know. All I know is I deserve a holiday!

The Other Bodyguard

The film ‘The Bodyguard’ was on television last night, but I wasn’t expecting Whitney Houston or Kevin Costner to make an appearance because it’s a Thai film (complete with the token ka-toey).

I knew from the outset it wasn’t going to be good with the main character doing matrix like moves while dual weilding hand-guns. All the while he’s able to hit his targets but the bad guys can’t hit shit, and food on tables is stopping or deflecting bullets from hitting him.

North Korea & Japan’s Soccer match in Bangkok?

Bangkok Post 7-5-05
Thailand to host Japan, N. Korea tie


Fifa has selected Thailand to host the World Cup Qualifying match between Japan and North Korea on June 8, according to secretary-general of the Football Association of Thailand (FAT), Worawi Makudi.

The match will be held at Rajamangala National Stadium.

Earlier Fifa had ordered North Korea to move the match to a third country as a punishment for crowd trouble at previous matches in Pyongyang.

Worawi said Fifa had faxed the FAT asking whether they would be willing to host the match and president of FAT, Vijitr Getkaew gave it the all clear.

However North Korea’s media yesterday called on Fifa to reverse its decision to move the match to a third country.

The North Korean sports daily Cheyuk Sinmun said the decision by the world football governing body was “unreasonable” and probably influenced by pressure from Japan, Asian champions and political enemies of North Korea.

North Korean players jostled the referee and fans threw chairs, bottles and other objects onto the pitch when their team lost to Iran 2-0 at home on March 30. Fifa also cited trouble at North Korea’s match against Bahrain on March 25.

The sports daily said it hoped Fifa would reexamine the case and “make a wise judgement for the sake of its authority.”

– – – – –
Interesting huh? This news is confirmed by Worawi, I just called him this morning. I heard that the last match between N. Korea and Japan that was held in Pyong Yang was disturbed by the North Korean audiences, so this time they decided to put the match somewhere else

this semi long weekend

from nostarwhere:

may 4 weds Space Bucha, Goose, The Eastbound Downers, Atit, Qliquetpar, Napat, DJ Mianoi at Pla Dib, Soi Areesamphan 7, off Thanon Praram VI; a/a, B120 (incl/drink), 7pm [release party for so::on Ghosted Notes EP]

may 5 thurs _Bedroom DJs_ night at Liquid Lounge; 20+, free, 8pm [info & booking]

Kris Kros Will Make the Thais Jump

Hip Hop love has over taken Thailand’s youth. Everywhere corner I turn, there

More On Thai Service

Yesterday I accompanied my other half to the dentist where he was meant to have some work done on his braces (which should have taken about 20 minutes in total).

When we arrived, one of the staff acknowledged him (she was a dental nurse who happened to be having a nice chat and eating her lunch) and we sat down, waiting to be called in. Luckily for us, there was a television to provide some mind numbingly dull entertainment while we waited.

After 30 minutes the dental nurse stood up and started to wander around a little doing minor things here and there and I started to feel sleepy, nodding off a few times on the sofa they provided.

After an hour I forced my other half to ask how much longer it would be, only to be told that the dentist would arrive at 6pm (it was 4pm by this time).

I was dumb-struck! I couldn’t believe she had let us sit there for so long and not told us! The other half asked why they had made an appointment with him for 2:30 if that was the case? Some schedule ratifying quickly occured, upon which much ‘sorry’ was heard. She was apologising profusely, probably because a moment before I had been swearing my head off about the amount of wasted time we had just lost and was about to walk out.

It seemed that it was the dental nurse my other half was meant to see and NOT the dentist, but she hadn’t realised, leaving us sitting there for an eternity.

Anyway, after finally getting seen to, we were out of there. Unfortuntely, getting braces ties you to a certain dentist so we’ll have to go back there again next month.

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