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can’t get madonna out of my head

as so articulately said by my dear friend, gene futon: “Right, this is the BITCH project no. 1 with Metbar. Please come, no guestlist, just mention you’re a mate of mine or you’re a friend of Dorothy.”

can't get madonna out of my head

i’ll be in my dancing shoes.


Its so hot at the moment that the mere thought of stepping outside in a suit let alone naked (although, I wouldn’t actually do that, of course) fills me with dreaded anticipation. It’s strange to think that for most of my life I always looked forward to summer… at last sunshine, warmth etc… now here it’s the other way round. Aaaah winter in Bangkok – I love it when it’s cold enough you get shivers in the morning.

But it was 39 C today. And it will be tomorrow too and the day after, and the one after that until June *wails hysterically*. I thought I’d never say this but I miss the crappy English weather I do, I do.

Traffic Baby

Yesturday, while I was sitting in my green Taxi halted around Chitlom for a royal caravan to pass by. I thought to myself, damnit… why wasn’t I born royalty. Just kidding but I’m sure it’s a nice little value added to life when you have the power to part BKK’s rush hour as if you were Moses and the Red Sea was your bitch.

Anyway, my thoughts of royalty aside (because I don’t want to be thrown into prison with a bunch of hungry half-dead inmates), what I was really thinking was ” I wonder how many newborns are born inside Taxi’s because of the horrendeous traffic conditions?”

So I asked the Taxi driver, if any pregnant women have ever given birth in his Taxi while he was stuck in traffic.

He promptly responded; “Actually, a 19 year old just gave birth in the car before I picked you up because we couldn’t make it to Bumrungrat Hospital. It was really bloody! I just wiped the seats!”

After a long day at work, what’s better than knowing, you’re sitting in placenta?

Me and my stupid revelations. -.-;;;;

beer and laws.

so i’m doing my midday shopping at tops. stocking up on water. 4 six-packs of 1.5 litre singha drinking water. 2 6-litre packs. i figured i’d splurge, and use the tops free home delivery service — they deliver all your stuff to your house for free if you spend more than a 1000 baht. so i’m buying all the shit that’s too heavy for me to carry. juice. green tea. and of course beer.

i get to the check out counter. and the cash register lady says to me. it’s only 16:53 i have to wait seven more minutes before you can put my beer through.

stupidest piece of shit law.

honestly. i didn’t know what was more embarrasing, holding up a line at a cash only line with no cash or holding up a line because i want to buy alcohol at four fifty fucking three pm.

i’ve never thought about the laws till today. i wonder if it also applies 7-11.


Mmmmm, goat. Yummy!

Growing up in deep in the white-washed yuppie-mecca of Orange County, California, I always found it amusing how many of the locals found your standard Americanized Chinese or Mexican fare like lo mein, General Tso’s chicken, tostadas, and chimichangas to be such incredibly exotic cuisine, though to be honest, my palate for most of my childhood never got more exotic than Thai food. It wasn’t until I went off to college that the cuisine I considered to be home cooking began to take on an air of trendiness.

Wanna go visit Australia? Think again…

Today I visited the Australian Embassy here in Bangkok, and when I got off at the Lumphini MRT station I mistakenly decided to climb the stairs as opposed to taking the escalator. Little did I know that this is one of MRT’s deepest stations and I arrived at the top short of having a heart attack.

Anyway, the purpose of my visit was to find out what all the hoo haa is about with the student visas…

Missing Job Descriptions

When the HR at my job courted me last August, fields of roses were painted for me. I was promised a lot of things along numerous other benefits. Two months on the job

8.2 Quake Strikes Northern Sumatra

theyre saying on the news that within 30-60minutes we’ll know if the tsunami will hit any provinces.


An 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra today close to where a similar quake triggered a tsunami that left nearly 300,000 people dead or missing, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The earthquake has the potential to cause a “widely destructive tsunami” and authorities should take “immediate action,” including evacuating coastlines within 600 miles of the epicenter, the Pacific tsunami warning center said.

A USGS spokeswoman told Reuters the quake struck 125 miles west northwest off Sibolga, Sumatra or 880 miles northwest of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta at 1609 GMT, close to where the 9.0 magnitude quake struck in December.

A spokesman for the U.S. Geological Survey told CNN that the earthquake could cause tsunamis.

“Certainly evacuations should be occurring. I hope they are,” spokesman Don Blakeman said, saying of the earthquake that “it could also cause some local tsunami activity.”

“Even if we do see tsunami activity it won’t be as widespread” as December’s quake.,0,3853121.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Quake Two

You may recall Baba mentioning the possibility of another quake a week and a half ago. Well, it happened.

Apparently this quake is ten times less powerful than the one that resulted in a tsunami at the end of last year (Quake One), but that hasn’t stopped everyone from freaking out and panicking like the sane individuals they are (can’t say I blame them though).

Of course, the news services are lapping it up like mother nature’s good milk (natural disasters are great for ratings). BBC News has a brief story here and CNN has a longer spiel here.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s just a quake this time.

UPDATE: The good news is that there was no tsunami and it is clear now that the warning systems that have been developed since Quake One would have resulted in potentially reduced fatalities (had there been a tsunami).

Unfortunately, the Indonesian Island of Niah was hit hard due to it’s proximity to the epicentre of Quake Two. BBC News and CNN have updated stories here and here.

Book Fair

If you haven’t seen it in newspaper or TV, the Bangkok International Book Fair 2005 is being held at the National Convention Center. I was there on Saturday and it is as huge as any other year. The plenary hall and all exibition areas are jam packed. There’re more people than COM-MART the week before, if that helps you visualize. I don’t know why there were study saying thais only read 8 lines a day.

The deals are pretty good, but if you don’t read thai, the selections are more limited. Still, my mom is going tomorrow morning because she has depleted all books in the house with her sleeping difficulty of late. International books are in the plenary hall, but I expect she’ll find it difficult to contain my dad there when the rare books are in Zone C2.

Watch out for the traffic around the convention center & surrounding (Rama 4, Asoke & Sukumvit), I wouldn’t recommending passing by the area, especially in the evening. The Book Fair opens everyday until this coming Sunday, 10am-9pm.

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