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Bangkok + Motorcycles = Impending Death

One of my colleagues has come to the office today with half of her face purple (literally) and limping because she was in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. It’s not a pretty sight and she must be in pain but it just reminded me of my absolute refusal to catch a motorcycle anywhere in Bangkok. A motorcycle is an accident waiting to happen, especially in Bangkok.

A quiet time

I don’t know if it’s just me, but recently Bangkok seems almot lethargic. I can’t find anything much interesting that is happening. Maybe it’s the suddeny increase in temperature – a forewarning of the months to come.

Anyway, I thought I’d take this time to tell you all about the Metroblogging move into Flickr. Every city now has it’s own group, featuring photos from the authors. These photos also make up the new banner. Click on over and have a look, if you fancy it.

And it’s just as good a time as any to say hello to the newest Asian metbog! Manila is now online. Enjoy.

Art in the papers

A little more Bangkok Bangkok for you all… A review in today’s Bangkok Post, a good read and it even mentions Metblog (though it would have been nice if the reviewer had managed to differentiate between Metblog home and Bangkok Metblog!). But clearly the reviewer intended to make a point about us, something like…

the worldwide virtual community of city dwellers who share their often subversive viewpoints on subjects ranging from contemporary art to the stupidity of underground railway accidents.

And was in such a hurry, they didn’t bother checking the URL I guess. Still, it’s nice to be called subversive, eh?

Still, if you have arrived here from the review – welcome, don’t let that reviewer put you off, we arn’t (that) subversive. Yet. The web today, Bangkok tomorrow…. the world, the day after!!!!

spirit house

a friend of mine came home late one night, and found his spirit house shattered. split in half, i was told. and inside the long pole thing that the spirit house was sitting on, he said there was a bone inside. and he’s completely freaked out.

i’m not buddhist, so i’m not so sure how spirit houses work? is it normal to have a piece of bone embedded into the spirit house. i don’t know if it’s a piece of human bone or animal bone.

UBC Gods work in mysterious ways…

More commenting on the wonderful Thai company that provides TV… I guess they were all sitting around a table having this conversation:

“So, everyone, we just finished showing Andromeda series III at 10am every morning, what next?”

“Well… how about we show series IV?”

“Or maybe another big name series, our subscribers would like that!”

“Actually, how about we show series III again, at 7pm? That way we can fill a primetime spot with repeats and not have to buy anything new! Cool! Excellent!”

“Do you think anyone will notice?”

“No, of course not

I ask you.

a day weekly

I think most of Metroblogging Bangkok use english as primary language so there isn’t a blog mention Thai magazine. I’m a Thai native so I write this one.

Several years ago, a man name Wongtanong made a phenomenon in publishing industrial when his hand-made magazine, “a day”, gained very high readers in short time. “a day” became icon of indy teens (you may hear “Dek Naw” before). Last year, Wongtanong is back and his new magazine is called “a day weekly”.

Contrast from original “a day” that target easy-reading and life style for teens, “a day weekly” is pure politic analysis magazine as “Matichon Weekly”. You may know that many of Thai guru including the royal or national heroes write for Matichon frequently. Most writers are quite old and “a day weekly” use this weakpoint to compete with old Matichon one.

All columnists are young and come from various field of interest. Especially in political, most are Chulalongkorn University lecturers. Theme of “a day weekly” is hard core political both local and international plus some hi-class art & entertainment review. As one reader, I can say no one in market can compare “a day weekly” whole issue. Matichon Weekly is equal in politic and BizWeek “etc.” for entertainment section, but no one for both.

50 baht is worth but the problem is “a day weekly” is too long to finish in one week (many reader complaint too!). And as I say before, all text is in Thai and context is complex then foreigns might have trouble in read.

official site:
Wongtanong Interview (in Thai): BizWeek

Pastel de Nata… the Portuguese legacy in Asia

If you were Portuguese you’d know I was talking about egg custard tarts typical of Portugal. But not only. They’re also typical of southern China, particularly Macau and because of the Chinese influence you also find them here in Thailand and in Malaysia. So, how did the famous Portuguese pastel de nata end up in these here shores?! This was a result of the first Portuguese traders who settled in southern China who left this tradition behind.

There is a time for peace, a time for war

Not everyone believes everything Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra says. And rightly so. But when he says (concerning the recent bombings in the south):

“If the money sanctions do not work, I will send soldiers to lay siege to the red zone villages and put more pressure on them,”

Well, I think we can safely believe him.

crystal ball

office culture tickles me. especially where i’m working. friday night, i’m waiting for the other girls at work to finish so we can go to dinner and then get our fortunes read.

it’s the “thing” for this month. getting palms read, tarot cards, birthday calculations. last year was henna eyebrows and semi permanent eyeliners.

apparently this tarot card reader guy we’re going to see is the “official” fortune teller for grammy. all the new and upcoming stars and hopefuls come to this fortune teller, to see if stardom is in their uh, stars. i’ve been to the guy before. honestly. for shits and giggles, it’s worth the three hundred baht because he’s an amazing body language reader. or whatever logical explanation there is to fortune telling.

i’ve gotten to know a couple girls that are crazy over fortune telling. they travel across the country and pay fortunes to hear what might be in their future. i don’t know if it’s a thai thing, or a female thing or a general people thing when it comes to fortune telling. i met a couple singaporean people that flew all the way to bangkok to get their fortunes told by the fortune lady in khao sarn road.

this really has nothing to do with office culture does it. it’s funny how so many smart women are going gaga over all this. the questions are usually the same:

how is my love life?
how is work?
how are my finances?

hee. i ask the same shit.

in stanford, prof zimbardo was teaching one of the psych classes, and had the students fill out some personal info. he said that he’ll take the info, and have everybody’s fortune read. couple classes later, he gives each student an envelope, and inside it were their fortunes. some cried, some were shocked, at how accurate thee fortunes came out to be. of course prof had everybody give their fortunes to the person next to them. and the class realises that everybody’s fortune the same.

but how the hell did the tarot guy know that my friends dad was more than ten years older than his mom?

hopefully the thing to do next month at this office is to get wat pho massages.

Porn & Shrimp

If you like to watch porn or look at pictures of nekkid people, beware of shrimp!!!

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