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Kaset Fair 2005

This is quite advertisement :) But now at KU (Kasetsart University), Bangkhen, Kaset Fair 2005 has started. For your information, it is National Agriculture exhibition. Everything is plants, dogs and foods. I think your wife or girlfriend will like it more than us. Here is the link (in Thai) and I think the pics can be found here.

Project 304 “Bangkok Bangkok”

I wanted to quickly tell you about Project 304, an experimental art space initiated and run by artists and curators since late 1996 in Bangkok. The founders of project 304 came from an eclectic group of local artists and art lecturers and are, currently, getting their new show “Bangkok, Bangkok” on the road. Or more specifically, Barcelona.

Bangkok, Bangkok” introduces contemporary artworks by Bangkok-based artists who examine the city, its people, their lifestyle and mentality using a variety of approaches and can be seen in La Capella, Barcelona, Spain from 27 Jan

Thai TV – Sensible Censorship?

Censorship is occasionally a sore point to me but, sometimes I realise it does have value. You would not, perhaps, want your 12 year old daughter to watch American Psycho. This is why American Psycho is an R / 18 rated movie. It is very graphic. In many ways. It’s also very entertaining (although the book is amazingly better).

But censorship – for me – is more about using your common sense, rather than slapping a rating on the cover. You can imagine that a TV company wanting to show American Psycho would consider it’s rating and then show it very late at night.

Not at 9am in the morning. I tell you, it makes no sense. What fool at UBC thought it’d be ok to show at 9am and censor every bit of nudity and violence? Didn’t anyone stop and think “hold on, hold on, this is a movie about a maniac with an axe / chainsaw, there’s lots of blood, gore and sex – if we censor it, perhaps it kinda spoils it?“. Sometimes the lack of thought is astounding.

Big Brother Is Coming

I saw a news story last night saying the Big Brother television series is coming to Thailand… rather I saw the Big Brother logo and Oui told me what they said.

I’m kind of excited, even though I won’t understand anything that’s said, and I hope they put the show on a free-to-air channel rather than cable (because I don’t have UBC).

I remember that pathetic excuse for entertainment (that I never actually watched because it was on UBC only), Academy Fantasia. The problem with that show was that they let the contestants out of the house. One of the best things about Big Brother is that these people have no contact with the outside world.

We’re on a roll

If it ain’t tsunamis or subway accidents, it’s something like this.

National Public Radio

It came as a pleasant surprise that a producer for the Pacific Time radio segment at KQED, the San Francisco affiliate of National Public Radio, has been following my blog for a while, and even more of a surprise when she requested a phone interview regarding relief efforts in Phuket. I’m not much of a media hound, but given the enormous respect I have for both NPR and KQED, I couldn’t refuse.

KQED posted 2 media clips of the interview on their website (click here), a shorter segment that aired last week (halfway down the page), and a longer file that looks like everything I said on the phone (near the bottom). They pretty much strung together all my answers to their questions into a continuous clip without including the actual interview questions, so it may be a bit hard to follow in some places.


Much as I like Thailand and the Thai’s, there are times when I just do not get this country. After the somewhat pathetic subway “crash” (term to be used very very lightly indeed), the subway is now closed until February 1st (as reported by 2bangkok) to fix a series of items that probably should never have been there in the first place. Now remember this is an incident that the Ministry of Transport refered to as “a schoolboy error“.

But maybe the people in charge finally think that perhaps Thai’s are not the best people to operate such a system, as reported here in the Bangkok Post. Oh, and as talked about in slightly more colourful language on this site (discretion advised, I guess).

Meetup Dot Com BKK

News of the day is that Metroblog has teamed up with to provide a city-specific meetup facility! If you want to know more, click here (or on that advert to your right). If enough people show real interest about getting together then we can set a date and location.

Relief Workers Still Needed in Phuket

I’ve received numerous enquiries from visitors to the Bangkok Metroblog about going down to Phuket and lending a hand. I haven’t really responded to anyone, partially because I’ve been extremely busy with work, but mostly because I didn’t know of any organized resource or network to turn to before now.

Anyone who is still interested in helping out with relief efforts can contact Khun Kate or Khun Oy at the Mirror Foundation at any of these numbers: +669-882-8840, +669-882-6187, +669-882-5615, +661-018-3004. They can also be reached via e-mail (, and this webpage ( contains information on the types of assistance needed. Volunteers will need to travel to Phang Nga themselves, register at the center near Khao Lak National Park, and are asked to pay Baht 100 (US$2.50) a day for food & accomodations.

Phuket Disaster Relief: Day 3 (or Let’s Kill All the Bureaucrats!)

Despite visiting a fishing village in which most of the inhabitants had lost their homes, all their worldly possessions, and their entire means of livelihood, it was a pretty damn good day. I would say that any day in which I don

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