Food Is All Around

Coming from a small city like Sydney, I can really appreciate the benefits of having food available from pretty much everywhere at pretty much any hour.

The building I live in has a family who live in a small house next door. They run a small shop and also happen to be great cooks, so I go there all the time. They are always so friendly and try to talk to me in Thai, even though they know I can’t speak it, and find it very strange that I’ve been here so long and still can’t speak Thai.

The problem is sometimes, when I’d like to get a quick meal, they’re not there. Meaning I have to walk the extra 20 metres to the next store (where the food doesn’t taste nearly as good). This highlights the problem of having a meal available every couple of steps – I get lazy. For example, when I lived in Sydney, there was a Pizza Hut within 1 minutes walk of my home. Even though it was so close, sometimes I would get them to deliver!

The closer something is, the greater amount of motivation required to get it.

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