Sex & the City

My favourite series from HBO, now running final season every tuesday at 21:00. Carrie Bradshaw and her groups can flirt with many men as they want in NY but the situation is different here.

Last night I slept in my lab to do some programming. I didn’t have enough sleeping so I returned to my place in the morning to get more. But while I were sleeping, I was woken by a vibration from another side of the wall. Yes, your thought is right, my next door neighbours were having some fun together and they must be student like me.

Because of old and respectful(?) Thai culture, boys and girls can’t talk to each other sex easily. But globalization came to make changes. The situation is very confuse and contrast. Some girls may have first sex at junior high school while some still wait until marrying.

I don’t know which one is right. (But I confess that I’m a little bit envy my next door :P) The situation like girl who is very polite at home but become cocktail lounge girl at night is common now. This may be the effect of ‘Clash of Civilization’ in this ‘City of angel’.

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