i miss bangkok

recently got an email about “how do you know you’re old” and it was pretty much a checklist of what you recall from the past. which made me think about the good ‘ol bangkok i used to know and loved so much.

sometimes i feel bad for people who recently moved here, or have been absent for a really long time and recently returned, and think that they know bangkok with this highly skewed perception. because honestly, there’s more to it than freaking astra and dinners at lame-o places like mahanaga’s and pseudo quasi artist bullshit dinner slash galleries. hahaha. and model’s night. oh my. laaaame. little girls from war torn countries that nobody even knows the name of trying to build a better life by eating sashimi and getting coked out on the worse shit that even the janitor at leo grotto’s back in the day wouldn’t even want to wipe away.

the end of bangkok. hahaha. when people stopped buying cocaine from the resident gay guy at leo and instead got it from men in dresses and a hats around nana.

i tell you, the infiltration of this new party system is ricockulous. it makes me roll my eyes at retards that get in line to go to clubs. please this is bangkok. nobody gets in line. except if it’s for food. real good food too, not this roti boy malarky.

i miss bangkok. when metro, big bell was around. and waiting in line for the best gyoza in town at daimaru rajdamri.

when central chidlom still had a petting zoo, a shark tank, and tea cups we could sit in and spin until we puked.

when mbk was the first place to have a food court, and we’d alternate eating deep fried chicken drum sticks with jumping on the bounce castle.

and when birthday parties were held at mcdonald’s– the only mcdonald’s in town at sogo.

when buildings were called ‘world trade, regent, hilton. and not central world, four seasons, raffles.. and that the hilton now is across the river. yes. and brunches at hilton nai lert. everybody went to the sunday brunch there and would come out with a balloon animal.

taking ice skating lessons at the mall ramkamhaeng, then graudally move over to world trade when they got an ice rink.

when taco’s, popeye’s, wendy’s, hoburger and shakey’s pizza was still around. damn! and arby’s at central lardprao.

in middle school, when we all started dating, the hottest place to go was darn naramit aka magic land to international school kids.

when going to the movies, and the seating was split into 40/50/60 baht zones.

when the highway toll was only 10baht, then increased to 15, 30, and now 40baht.

when don muang had only one terminal.

when pagers were still around, and calling into 152 phonelink services was a daily routine.

before ratchayothin existed.

the michael jackson, guns n roses and bon jovi concerts! hahaha!

and foremost was the best ice cream in town. the best chocalate chip ice cream ever.

no. airport tax.

when palace, rome were the best places to club at. hahah vibrations, sharkey’s, taurus and discovery. damn i miss taurus. everybody i know misses taurus. remember axil, red bar? yeah that was the beginning of the death of good wholesome clubbing. when the real mccoy and mc sar used to be played over and over, and everybody would know the words to “another night” or “one more time”

when the dollar was 25 baht and the pound sterling was at 40 baht. and buying a porsche boxster in ’96 for the base price of US$37,000 was okay even when you’re 16 and still in boarding school because it cost less a million back home.

yes. a sweet time that was.

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  1. som_o (unregistered) on September 29th, 2006 @ 9:07 pm

    even further back:

    when the dusit thani was the highest bldg. in town…!
    when asok was a tiny soi…
    when daimaru and central were the only malls in bkk…
    when the weekend market was at sanam luang!
    when drinks were sold in recycled plastic bags that had been washed, for instance, in the sathorn khlong…
    when kids swam in the sathorn khlong at loi krathong…

  2. anon (unregistered) on October 3rd, 2006 @ 2:11 pm

    When Central Chidlom was the only place to buy American comic books… Although Asia Books and Zen replaced them eventually. These days, Central Childom’s book’s section has been replaced by a B2S that sells expensive pens but hardly any foreign books. But at least we’ve got Kinokuniya! Darn japanese…

  3. him (unregistered) on October 15th, 2006 @ 10:42 am

    I find remembering to be like retro videogaming. In your head, it’s so cool and great and everything but if you had it all back, damn, you ‘d be bored witless.

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