The Fight Back Against Man-Hating

Back in June, a couple of friends and I were in a B2S at Central Chitlom browsing through the new releases. We noticed a popular trend amongst the titles of the best sellers at the time– it went something like this…

Men are dogs, Men suck, Men are retards, Men are good for nothing, How to get back at the male population — something along those line —

I’m sure you get the point. Tthe driving force in Bangkok’s young professional literature seemed to focus on why the male population are the lowest life form and scum of the Earth. Now of course, the author of these books are always women, some were “side-line” girls, relationship “experts,” and well — females around 30 who weren’t married. (*insert sarcastic tone* I wonder, why.)

In the last 2 out 3 issues of BK Magazine (free English, trendy Bangkok lifestyle magazine), they had articles on bashing men. Is this the lastest trend — weeding out the straight male population? Psh.

So anyhow — way, way back then, a group of us decided to pitch an idea to one of the major media companies here. Basically, the male perspective on things — at first we wanted a reality show but they shot us down. So we scaled down and went for a book. Well, the book is just about done, and will be released pretty soon (hopefully.)

Essentially, the book focuses on how a variety of young guys from different backgrounds in BKK and their daily dealings with the female sex (a little of female bashing in return) It’ll be a great change of view point from the usual “me hate man” books.

On the plus side, it’ll give those desperate women who write these books a little hope that they’re still some good, straight men out there in Bangkok (who aren’t boring) — they’re just not looking at the right places. (*ahem* Clubs/Pubs = No,No *ahem*)

In the mean time, keep your disgruntled grandma underwear to yourself.

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  1. Ben Harris (unregistered) on November 15th, 2005 @ 10:31 pm

    Will the book be in english or thai?

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