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miss puke

oh man. and i thought that “holy pizza” was a funny name for an establishment, until i saw this:

miss puke!

it’s right next to the novotel on siam square, near the henri dunant side. i wonder what people think about it when they pass it. i figure miss puke is probably a ‘pook’ or a ‘pookie’.

i wonder if anybody ever went in there and commented on the name.

It’s Hard, Being Beautiful

Baba, a previous contributor to the Bangkok Metroblog, has posted an entry to her blog, A Daily Dose of Words, about the trials of getting her legs waxed. From her descriptions you can almost feel the hair being forcibly torn from your body.

I salute you and your pain-enduring skills Baba! Check it out here.

Ai Kamoi!

So I mentioned about thieves the other day. Well, last night I got off the bus near Pra Kanong and stood for a minute looking at the message I’d just recieved on my cell phone. A short man came running past me, full stride, and grabbed my cellphone. Then preceded to run through traffic at the Sukumvit 71 intersection ignoring cars. Quite a gettaway actually.

Unfortuatly, the guy didn’t get my cell phone. Slippery fingers basiclly just slapped my cell phone as I turned away, and ran like hell.

So, luckly I still have my phone, but I felt pretty bad after that. I know it is a big city, but I guess I hadn’t seen any crime yet at all. I mean, this guy really hurt my feelings.

Is this kinda thing pretty common? Has everyone had any experience with a pickpocket/burglar/ect?

Seeking Contributors

We at the Bangkok Metblog are seeking new authors who are active bloggers to join our ranks. If you live in Bangkok and would like to join the team, apply here.

If you have any questions feel free to ask by posting a comment or emailing me directly here.

Unexpected Visions

Normally when I’m walking somewhere I’m in my own little world and don’t notice anything or anyone unless I’m purposefully looking for it/them. On one of my many trips to the Trinity Silom Hotel over last week though, I happened to glance to my right as I was walking past the Trinity Complex at a water fountain. More to the point, it was the statue of the virgin mary statue sitting behind it that I was looking at.

I stopped and thought about it for a second and decided that yes, that’s unusual and kept walking (although I mentioned it to my other-half later and he agreed it is a little unusual).

You don’t see many symbols of christianity in Bangkok since Buddhism is the dominant religion, and for that I’m glad. Has anyone else noticed unexpected religious symbols around the place?

Getting Started

This Wednesday will be 3 weeks of living in BKK. Four weeks ago I was certain that I would be killed either crossing the street or on a motorbike by now. I still have several years for that to happen, but it hasn’t happened yet!

I moved in to a small apartment in the prakanong area the first day, and have been pretty happy with it. The only downside is that it could possibly be the most likely place for me to loose my computer and camera equipment. My neighbors tell me this is the most frequently robbed apartment building. 4 motorbikes and a couple TV’s in the weeks I have been here. But it is pretty cheap. 4000 a month.

I do have a question. In Thailand, traffic moves on the left side of a road, passing on the right. So why do the skybridges, and general pedestrian traffic, walk on the right and pass on the left? I don’t have a picture now, but the arrows on the sidewalk are pretty clear.

Tomorrow I buy an iron and board. A belt from school too. Tuesday is the first day of orientation. I’m pretty excited.

Do You Take Amex?

I don’t have an American Express because the company wisely refuses to give me one, but this past week I’ve asked two different stores around Siam if they take Amex on behalf of someone else and the answer has been yes both times – until we got to the cash register.

Is this a clever sales tactic or language barrier problem? Has anyone else experienced this?

I recall from friends who have an Amex back in Sydney that it’s quite common a business won’t accept the card as a form of payment and, if my memory serves me correctly, it’s because of the conditions that Amex have in place for a business to be able to accept one.

Does anyone know more about this? It’d be interesting to see a comparison of the percentage of businesses in Bangkok that take Amex compared to other cards.

porn house

august 10.

funky gangster spinning house, sexy, funk, soulful, and tribal.

i’m not so sure what “sexy” is. and if soulful and tribal mix together well… thinking whether or not should i check it out. the only thing that’s holding me back is that it’s held at club astra.

the last time i was at club astra was for futon’s electro collaboration with 104.5 fat fm… it was fun and what not but inside it was dusty as hell.

i could feel the dust particles cutting up my lungs.

BBQ At Coco Walk

I neglected to mention dinner last night, which was also great.

There’s a popular outdoor bbq place at Racthathewi, right next to the skytrain station in a market area called Coco Walk, I’ve been to a couple of times before when it was located somewhere between Phaya Thai and Victory Monument, but now they’ve moved to Coco Walk.

My other half always wants to eat there because he loves the food and really, who can object to 97 Baht for all you can eat (plus drinks)? This is a big difference to Fuji from the night before which came to 1500+ Baht, and they have a large variety of food available for you to cook.

Check it out if you have the time, you won’t be disappointed.

When One Passport Isn’t Enough

The following story appeared in todays Bangkok Post and should speak for itself:

British man found with 452 fake passports


A British national of Algerian descent was arrested yesterday at Don Muang airport with 452 fake passports.

Pol Maj-Gen Suwat Thamrongsrisakul, the acting Immigration Police chief, said Mahieddine Daikh, 35, was nabbed at the departure lounge of the airport at 1am while he was about to board a flight for Amsterdam.

Found in his possession were 452 passports for Spain, Belgium, Portugal and France _ 138 in one suitcase and 314 in another.

Mr Daikh said he bought the 138 fake passports for 3,000 (220,000 baht) from a Pakistani man at Koh Samui in Surat Thani and planned to sell them in London. He denied knowing anything about the 314 others, saying the Pakistani told him the suitcase contained 100 pairs of jeans.

The man was initially charged with forgery.

Police are looking for the Pakistani man mentioned by him.

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