Going Inter’

I have to admit, as much as I want to put the smack-eth down on Tata Young and her Sexy, Bitchy, Naughty brigade, she made the right choice in going International with her music. The song has become the anthem for all sluttified, and gold diggers around Asia, oh can’t leave out the surgically made ‘kor-toeys’ either.

Score, Thailand! Way to hold up our reputation!

Any-hoo, I want to bring to light one of my favorite Thai artists. Sek Loso. He’s priming himself for an international release. When I met him, a few years ago and then his verbal English was at best — poor, but apparently he has been in U.K. studying English and working with the producer of Oasis & the Verve on his new English album.

I really hope he suceeds because he is one of the most genuinly nice, down to earth guys in Thailand. Few of my Korean & Chinese friends really enjoyed Loso’s Thai albums, that they asked me to ship them some CDs. It’d be nice that Westerners see a different side of Thailand besides the prostitution, nice beaches, Tsunami, Muay Thai, and well prostitution.

Here’s the Rolling Stone article about Sek’s English album >>> here
And a Bangkok Post article >> here

By the way,
Bodyslam released yet another great album (Believe) where every track is non-skippable. I espicially enjoy Track 5 Kwam Cheuy (ความเชื่อ) with Ad Carabao. Check it out, its defintely worth buying. :)

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  1. Dan (unregistered) on May 25th, 2005 @ 10:35 pm

    Oh man… Tata. I’m amazed that most Thais who worship her don’t seem to even have a clue about some of the lyrics :P

    Yes, Believe (the Bodyslam Believe, not Tata Young)is next on my list!

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