chiang mai… song karn

so after performing the more traditional side of Song Karn (Wats, Pouring Water on our Elders, and showering in holy water), yay I wasn’t a sinner for about 5 hours. =P

a group of 12 of us “haul’d ass” in 14 hours of traffic (normal driving time being 7 hrs) to Chiang Mai where we celebrated the wilder, more drunken side of Song Karn… here are some of the “appropiate” pics of our adventure for BKK metblog readers’s viewing pleasure.


Yes, we were refilling our supply depot (giant trash cans) with ammunition (ice blocks & stank ass canal water) to do battle with other Bradley Assualt Vechicles (pick up trucks) by making runs to Chiang Mai’s “crystal clear” canal.


The battle came to stand still, so we went from truck to truck asking the local natives for Beer. In return, we shot them with our super soakers and ran.


Tuk-Tuk Convertible style overloaded with unarmed, and unsuspecting Euros before we bombarded them with our Naplam grenandes (Prickley Heat Baby Power + Ice Water Ballons) *insert sinister laughter*. =P


“Water Rave” in front of Central Sung Kaew before the scantly clad girls and ladyboys came.


Walking down the main street of Chiang Mai, as you can see oxygen was scarce.


Low Rider – Thailand style.
I’m the naked guy dancing on the street. Just kidding, or am I? =)

Hope everyone had a nice holiday, cause its back to the daily grind. =/

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