The (Domestic) Terminal

I had to go to the domestic terminal for the first time ever today because Oui flew back to his home town for a few days. This is my day at the airport.

The first order of business upon arriving was eating (for once the trip there was uneventful). We planned to have KFC, even though neither of us were sure there was a KFC in the domestic terminal, but considering how many branches there are in the international terminals I figured the odds were good. Anyway, since it turned out that there was no KFC in the domestic terminal, my idea was to walk to the international terminal, because I knew there was a KFC and Burger King there.

The signs directing people to the international terminal are decieving. Instead of saying “”Attention passengers.

This plane is being held together by the second cheapest brand of tape available anywhere, not the most cheap. You need not worry about your safety while on board.

Also, it’s pink…

Thank you.”

And the engineers preparing the plane:

Captain: Are you nearly finished up down there?
Engineer: I’m sealing the cargo hold now captain.
Captain: Be sure to use the regulation one inch pink tape sealant.
Engineer: Yes sir!

And finally the company Managing Director:

MD: I’ve just read your report about our sky-rocketing stationary costs and frankly, I’m concerned.
Accountant: It’s the pink tape sir.
MD: Is it? I’m going to send out a company-wide memo to reduce pink tape usage to half an inch.
Accountant: Brilliant sir! You’ve single handedly reduced our operating costs by 35%!

Obviously I had a fair amount of time to come up with these scenarios while waiting for Oui to be ‘processed’.

After he successfully checked-in, we sat amongst a group of people waiting for his flight to board, with Oui entertaining himself by periodically squeezing one of the toy sheep his sister had bought in New Zealand, causing it to give out a string of baa, baa sounds.

Eventually it was time and I caught a taxi back home. The weirdness didn’t end there though because to finish things off, the driver informed me that it was ok that I only spoke a little Thai because he can only speak a little English and, incidentally, the rear window of the taxi was full of fluffy rabbit animals.

Thus concluded my trip to the domestic terminal. I wouldn’t want to live there!

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