Reckless walking

If there is one thing people complain about in Bangkok, particularly women who wear high heels, are the pavements. At times it can feel like a precarious, neck breaking hiking expedition.

Mostly, the pavements are made up of smallish squares of cement that just don’t stay flat for long enough stretches of pavement and the trees seem to take up most of the space, not to mention the food stalls.

Walking down to my local 7/11 is like tackling an obstacle course. It’s a rare occasion that I manage not to trip over at least twice if I am out, although, it could just be me being super clumsy, but I don’t think so.

And where the pavement is flat, you have to contend with the drains and their lids or lack of in some cases. It’s said that during the monsoon season when parts of the city flood and the water is so black you can’t see through it, that people drown when accidently stepping into one of these lidless drains. But then again this could just be a Bangkok urban myth.

But like everything else in life, you learn to live with these ups and downs of our beloved pavements, and most of the time you don’t even think about it. That is, till you come across this…


Yesterday there was an open upside down umbrella warning all pedestrians of this hole’s dangers…

…and this one, I reckon the rats propped this one up with that big stone for easy access in and out of the drains…


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