Bringing Chaos to Order

While waiting for Oui to finish work yesterday I was sitting outside Major Cineplex at Central World Plaza (aka World Trade Centre) and marvelled at how much noise there was.

I could hear:

  • The PA voice announcing what movie was starting in both Thai and English, although there is so much noise its hard for me to tell when she speaks English.
  • The Muzak playing at the box office (where you buy your tickets from).
  • The sound from the plasma screen which sits above where they display the session times for films.
  • Music blaring from Major Bowl ‘Hit’.
  • Music blaring from the music store next to Major Bowl ‘Hit’.
  • Sound from the big preview screen that, for some reason, has a voice talking over the first minute of every single preview they show explaining what the movie is about (they must feel that people aren’t smart enough to figure it out for themselves).
  • Everyone trying to talk over the noise.

It doesn’t help that the whole place has tiles everywhere (except for the circular carpeted area in front of the preview screen) so any sound that is made echoes throughout the complex.

I’ve noticed that every Major Cineplex I’ve been to is like this but SFX at Emporium is nice and quiet (and they give you free magnets, as Him would say). The problem is, I can’t see films for free at SFX… oh well!

PS There was also the small ‘self-service’ screen too but you can’t hear it over everything else.

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